Tel Aviv-ing

There are no simple answers for a question: how did I, a Polish girl, a Christian girl, end up living in the middle of the Middle East. Sometimes I ask myself and believe me, finding one reasonable answer isn’t that easy. So if you wonder, no, I didn’t study any oriental languages, I’ve never dreamt about having a camel farm or something like that nor wanted to go and spend the rest of my life in the desert, all alone, contemplating the world in the silence. Of course  there were few reasons why I came here but still, I think that I brought certain people and situations to my life and those led me to the place I am right now. So, here I am. In Tel Aviv.

When I came to Tel Aviv for the first time I was in shock. To be honest, I didn’t expect  to be so amused and excited about this place. Everything was so colorful, full of taste and smell… full of life. I loved the fact that the city is located just right  on the Mediterranean shore, that the weather is so nice almost all year long and that people live here slower but louder (now, after living here for some time, I’m not so excited about these certain characteristics anymore ;-)). I fell in love. Few years after I moved here and I have to say that I’m living one of the most challenging but also enriching experiences in my life. There are so many things about Tel Aviv and Israel that I want to share, so many pictures that I want to publish and  hundreds of stories I wanna tell. Stay updated and I promise you won’t regret that.

All rights reserved to JoKo Photo 2013

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