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Best of the summer

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Rule#3 All great changes are preceded by chaos

ImprefectSometimes a lot of chaos. Well, I haven’t post here anything for the last four months, that’s a long time. My last post appeared on the blog very shortly before big changes occurred in my life. But that was just the beginning. The chaos came after.

Lot of changes came to my life when I made a decision to leave the good life that I had and go for something unknown. It wasn’t easy and my world turned upside down. I found myself all by myself in a foreign country, without family, without an apartment to live in,  with few pennies on my bank account and couple of friends that were there to support me. I would never be able to go through this difficult time without those amazing people that supported me and helped me every possible way. They were there when I was crying and they were doing everything to make me laugh. I was a mess but they were next to me all the time and I can never express how grateful I am for having those special people in my life.

Going back to the changes and chaos – it wasn’t easy, I felt happy and sad at the same time, I was relieved but scared, I was free but guilty I was so ambivalent at that time. I put aside things that I love, I slowed down with photography, I stopped doing sport and eat healthy, I was trying to keep myself busy 24/7 in order not to think whats gonna happen next, what I’m gonna do with myself now, where am I going…? Well, it was a chaos. It was like a rough sea. I was holding on to survive the night and hoping that the dawn will come soon. And it did.

Now, after four months of chaos I have to say that the sea is getting calm again. I see the light and I see the land. It was rough and it was tough but I’ve never lost my hope. Finally the storm ended and now the air is clear, I can breath easily and the most important I can open my eyes wide and see beautiful colorful rainbow.

Here in Israel we celebrate the New Year tomorrow ( I know it sounds so weird because all of us is use to celebrating New Year 1st of January) Maybe some of you remember my post about difficulties with finding the right time to start new things – well, this time I fit perfectly because I’m very ready for new chapter of my life without struggling with things I can not change, worrying and constantly brooding thoughts.

No matter if you celebrate the New Year tomorrow, 1st of January or any other day of the year, I want to use this celebration to wish you all happy new beginnings and to express again how blessed I feel for having such a amazing people next to me.

Shana Tova and stay tuned because a lot of great stuff are coming to the blog 🙂 !

Love xxx