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Rule#1 – The perfect time to start something new never arrives


So, I was waiting and waiting and waiting. And wondering. When is the perfect time to start writing the blog? To launch my website? To open Facebook page? And you know what? It never came! Perfect time doesn’t exist. For few months I was finding excuses not to start with my “thing” because it my opinion it wasn’t the right time, things were not ready, layout was not perfect, I didn’t have the logo yet, I was going for a trip, I couldn’t decide what it will be exactly about etc….believe me, the list was long. Wait, it still IS. I’m sure that this exact moment that I’m writing my first post and the moment I’m gonna post it will be far away for being perfect but…I’m done with waiting, wondering and thinking…time for action arrived!

I love photographing, especially people. I think that that there are things that can’t be expressed by words but they definitely can be expressed by image. I want to look at my pictures and feel that they say more than 1000 pages book. I also wish other people could see that.

I love traveling and I believe that we are all made to travel, physically or spiritually. My big dream is to go for a round the world trip. I never get tired of travelling. I’ve lived in a few places already and I find it the most enriching experience one can have. We grow by accepting and understanding others, by challenging ourselves to open our minds more and more every day.

So, those are my goals. For some, they can seem very big, for some, very small. For me they are just right because they motivate me to move forward every day. And If I feel down and see no reason in anything I always remind myself that no matter how small step I take today tomorrow I will be a bit closer to make my dreams come true.

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