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Lea Gottlieb – Lady of the Daisies

If you live or visit Tel Aviv any time soon you have to, just HAVE TO, go to the Lea Gottlieb exhibition at the Design Museum of Holon! It’s an amazing exhibition called “Lady of the Dasies” and it showcases the history of the famous brand Gotex that Lea founded in 1956. She said “I Like Making Something Out of Nothing” and believe me, she really did, her work is splendorous and fascinating. So I repeat, if you have a chance – run to check her work, I promise you won’t regret it.

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Shiri and the beauty of Neve Tzedek

One of the reasons why I love living in Tel Aviv is that there is an endless list of beautiful places I can do my photo shoots at. This time, I shot with Shiri at the amazing area of Neve Tzedek that is full of very nice stylish buildings, flowers and greens. I really enjoyed photographing there, thank you Tel Aviv for giving me such a wonderful scenery for my work! You can see more pictures here.

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Vintage Tel Aviv

Do you like vintage? I really do. I think that you can find wonderful things in vintage stores, things that you won’t  find in regular shops, stuff that makes you look unique. Don’t understand me wrong, I’m not one of those people obsessed with vintage, wearing only clothes and shoes that came from the last decade but I do own some vintage things and I always get compliments wearing them.

If you live in Tel Aviv you definitely won’t have a problem finding places to buy vintage. Two of my favorites are the Vintage Market on Kikar Dizengoff and The Vintage Market inside Dizengoff Centre. Those two places offer a variety of vintage things like clothing, accessories, shoes, home stuff and more. If you are a vintage lover you should absolutely go there; also if you are a tourist and want to get some nice presents you should have a look at the designers’ stands that are located in the the vintage market in the Dizengoff mall. And if you don’t like it at all….well, maybe it’s a time to change your mind ;-)? Whoever you are and whatever style you prefer I ensure you that you will enjoy visiting both of those vintage-offering places.

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