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Barcelona – the place that stole my heart

Last week I went for a short trip to Barcelona – my favorite city! If you don’t know yet,  before I moved to Tel Aviv I was living there for a few years and I have to say that since I left I’ve been missing that place almost every day! There are SO many reasons one can love Barcelona, I will tell you why I do.

Barcelona is situated on the Mediterranean shore and the weather is nice for most of the year 🙂 You can enjoy the beach and sun all year round; even during the winter it’s usually not too cold for having a nice walk on the beach. Barcelona is also very multicultural – people from all over the world come to live there and it makes that city so unique! So many languages, different cultures, religions and ways of living are coexisting there. I remember when I came to the city for the first time I was very amused by that and I felt that no matter what you do and who you are you can find something for yourself in Barcelona. And so I did. And instead of staying 3 months I stayed more than a year and after the next two years I came back again to do my master’s degree there. Barcelona feels like a second home for me, I know all the small streets, bars with cheap Mojito and cool places to shop. Even if I go there as a tourist and take a lot of new pictures I really don’t feel like one – I feel like I’ve never left that place and I really belong there. Sometimes I laugh and say that I was born in Poland by mistake and even that I can’t say that I feel more Spanish than Polish I can definitely say that living in Barcelona has changed me, my way of seeing things and living life. One day I would like to have a wooden house on the beach close to Barcelona. Hopefully sooner than later 😉

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JoKo Photo on Instagram!

Do you like Instagram? If yes, you can follow me by clicking here! If you log in from  from phone search for jokophoto.

Enjoy the pictures and stay updated, some super new posts coming soon 🙂

For more pictures visit JoKo Photo Facebook Page!

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New York by night

I miss New York so so much!

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New York, New York!

To be honest, New York was never on my “have to go there ASAP” list. Don’t ask me why but I was pretty sure that it’s just a huge city with tons of people and skyscrapers. Too crowded, too loud, too everything. How wrong was I!

I had a great chance to go to New York last September and I have to say this: I LOVED IT !

Yes, it’s crowded and yes, it can be a little bit overwhelming sometimes (especially walking on 7th Avenue during rush hours) but this city has so much to offer.

The whole time I was there I was just running around with my camera taking thousands of pictures. The view from the apartment I was staying at was really great, also, I could go up to the roof there and then behold the…breathtaking skyline!

I think the diversity of NY can’t be compared to any other place. You can find and meet there everything and everyone that could possibly be found or met. Wow, New York. I’m in love. I could talk and talk and talk about New York but I would rather let the images speak for themselves.

Just look at these pictures, how could you not fall in love with this city?

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Tel Aviv – how it all started

When I was thinking about my next post about Tel Aviv, I remembered that long time ago I wrote a short article about my first time in this city. While reading it after a long time I realized how much I was stunned by Israel when I came here for the first time and how much I wanted to come back here. So now, I think, I might be a little bit closer to finding the answer for the question from my first post – how did I end up living here?

The whole article was written is Spanish but I decided to translate a few parts of it and share them with you.

“All great loves and passions come unexpected; they change your life radically, enter without permission and usually stay forever. I’m sure you know very well what I’m talking about – who didn’t feel this way at least once? Who hasn’t suffered sleepless nights, days without eating, loss of focus caused by thinking about something or someone very special? Well, I’ve never expected that I will get completely amused and charmed by the city that I’ve knew practically nothing about until I was 21. Who would believe that the place that is shown on TV and other medias as a dangerous and not really tourist friendly will make me save every penny to go and see it again? If you told me that, I wouldn’t believe, but…one phone call started it all and changed my way of thinking about Israel forever.(…)

As soon as I landed I had this very special feeling that is difficult to describe. The air smelled of the sea and although I noticed very high humidity I wasn’t bothered at all. The airport was awesome, new and modern, opposite of what I’ve expected. The walls were full of paintings and postcards showing the country’s history. I felt great.(…)

Tel Aviv surprised me in every possible way. Beautiful beaches, nice architecture and tons of people everywhere. I was sure it’s going to be the best holiday ever. My first direction was Jaffa, the oldest part of the city. How much I loved it! Narrow streets with small houses, an old port and many restaurants and cafes with sea view – something unforgettable.(…)The famous Carmel market, located in the city center cannot be compared to any European market. I’ve never seen so many colors, smells, exotic fruits and vegetables, spices, jewelry and cosmetics at the same place in my life. Crowded, loud and crazy in a way but unforgettable. Being there one can enjoy Arabic food and fresh juices made from exotic fruits. Simple and delicious, exactly the way I like it. (…)

Few days a week there is also another market called “Flea Market” which is open from noon to midnight. You can buy there all kinds of handicrafts: clothes, necklaces and earrings, paintings and household items – all made by Israeli artists. In the evening concerts and various shows are held in the streets and the variety of what you can see and hear is pretty impressive.(…)

Besides all this, Tel Aviv never sleeps. It is full of bars, cafes, galleries, shops and nightclubs. Everyone can find something interesting there. No matter if you like art or music, if you prefer to eat in a fancy restaurant or in a traditional bar, or if you like laying on the beach or dancing until early morning hours…regardless of what you choose you’ll have a lot of fun and you won’t forget it for a long time.(…)”

Well, I wrote this a long time before I moved here. As you all know, reality is always a little bit different than experiencing something as a tourist but I have to say, that going back to the past and thinking about the moments that I was here only for a while made me want to discover all those small things that I liked about Tel Aviv again and enjoy those little details that I could see back then.

PS. Forgive me the quality of some of the pictures, they were taken few years ago with simple compact camera.

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Tel Aviv-ing

There are no simple answers for a question: how did I, a Polish girl, a Christian girl, end up living in the middle of the Middle East. Sometimes I ask myself and believe me, finding one reasonable answer isn’t that easy. So if you wonder, no, I didn’t study any oriental languages, I’ve never dreamt about having a camel farm or something like that nor wanted to go and spend the rest of my life in the desert, all alone, contemplating the world in the silence. Of course  there were few reasons why I came here but still, I think that I brought certain people and situations to my life and those led me to the place I am right now. So, here I am. In Tel Aviv.

When I came to Tel Aviv for the first time I was in shock. To be honest, I didn’t expect  to be so amused and excited about this place. Everything was so colorful, full of taste and smell… full of life. I loved the fact that the city is located just right  on the Mediterranean shore, that the weather is so nice almost all year long and that people live here slower but louder (now, after living here for some time, I’m not so excited about these certain characteristics anymore ;-)). I fell in love. Few years after I moved here and I have to say that I’m living one of the most challenging but also enriching experiences in my life. There are so many things about Tel Aviv and Israel that I want to share, so many pictures that I want to publish and  hundreds of stories I wanna tell. Stay updated and I promise you won’t regret that.

All rights reserved to JoKo Photo 2013

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Rule#1 – The perfect time to start something new never arrives


So, I was waiting and waiting and waiting. And wondering. When is the perfect time to start writing the blog? To launch my website? To open Facebook page? And you know what? It never came! Perfect time doesn’t exist. For few months I was finding excuses not to start with my “thing” because it my opinion it wasn’t the right time, things were not ready, layout was not perfect, I didn’t have the logo yet, I was going for a trip, I couldn’t decide what it will be exactly about etc….believe me, the list was long. Wait, it still IS. I’m sure that this exact moment that I’m writing my first post and the moment I’m gonna post it will be far away for being perfect but…I’m done with waiting, wondering and thinking…time for action arrived!

I love photographing, especially people. I think that that there are things that can’t be expressed by words but they definitely can be expressed by image. I want to look at my pictures and feel that they say more than 1000 pages book. I also wish other people could see that.

I love traveling and I believe that we are all made to travel, physically or spiritually. My big dream is to go for a round the world trip. I never get tired of travelling. I’ve lived in a few places already and I find it the most enriching experience one can have. We grow by accepting and understanding others, by challenging ourselves to open our minds more and more every day.

So, those are my goals. For some, they can seem very big, for some, very small. For me they are just right because they motivate me to move forward every day. And If I feel down and see no reason in anything I always remind myself that no matter how small step I take today tomorrow I will be a bit closer to make my dreams come true.

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